The children’s Frederiksberg

Visions for the future Frederiksberg

What A series of design workshops named The children’s Frederiksberg
Where Copenhagen / Frederiksberg / the Main Library
When 2017 / April
Team Julie, Charlotte and Gitte 

In collaboration with the library of Frederiksberg All About A developed a series of design workshops introducing families and school classes to the design process as well as facilitating hands-on exercises helping the children adding form to their ideas for their future Frederiksberg  including the future library and the public garden of Frederiksberg.

Using their design models as a show-and-tell tool the children were interviewed by Kulturcrewet from Gruntvigsvej School explaining their visions in front of a camera.

As part of the project the many design models were exhibited in the library forming a large urban installation and exhibition created by All About A. On the opening day the children presented their many creative ideas to the Mayor of Frederiksberg Jørgen Glenthøj.

You can read an article in Danish from the local paper here

Photo Julie Dufour and Charlotte Carstensen