Stevns Klint / Denmark

Designing a visitors zone at Stevns Klint

What Visitors zone at Stevns Klint
Where Stevns Klint / Denmark
When 2017
Team Julie and Charlotte

How would children like to approach a world natural heritage like Stevns Klint?

Involving children in the early design process when e.g. opening a visitors zone to a World Heritage has several perspectives. Our World Heritage depend on our future generations and by asking them to come up with design solutions for an area, they not only help us make more interesting exhibitions, they automatically also take ownership to the area and become our finest ambassedors.

All About A facilitated an open workshop at Stevns Klint for children asking them to set form to their ideas for a visitor zone, public seating, activity zone, public play grounds etc.

The workshop resulted in many unique architecture models in scale 1:50 as well as interesting talks about the children’s Stevns Klint.

Stevns Klint is inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List because the explanation for the extinction of the dinosaurs lies hidden in the cliff.

Photo Charlotte Carstensen