Joined projects with one or more of the partners in All About A in collaboration with:


The Danish Agency for Culture and Palaces

Danish Culture Institute

The Danish Arts Foundation

The Utzon Center

The Children’s Culture House Ama’r

The Danish Construction Association

The Danish Architecture Centre

Design Museum Denmark

The Children’s Cultural Centre


The Danish Society of Engineers

Learning Universe, Frederiksberg Municipality

Gentofte Municipality

Helsingør Municipality

Aabenraa Municipality

Furesø Municipality

Farum Art School

Nicolai for children

The 5 Museums of Frederiksberg



Smith Innovation

The Danish Association of Architects

+ various schools



The Royal Danish Embassy Moscow

The Royal Danish Embassy Berlin

Danish Culture Institute in Poland

Danish Culture Institute in Russia

The Polytechnic Museum Moscow

The Boris Jeltsin Center

Concordia Design

Nordic Institute on Åland

UIA (Union Internationale des Architectes)

Open Design Cape Town