KU.BE / Frederiksberg I

Architecture and movement 1:1

What Students designing and building an architectural obstacle course
Copenhagen / Frederiksberg 
 2018 / June
Team Julie and Charlotte

How often does students get the opportunity to work, design and build 1:1?

The opportunity was seized by 16 students from Grade 6 and 7 at Kaptajn Johnsen School in Frederiksberg, Copenhagen, when they signed up for a cooperation project directed by Architects from All About A and Birgitte Bekker, Art and Design teacher at the school. During one day the students designed, constructed, build and tested an architectural obstacle course using selected materials.

The course was dismantled at the end of the day and re-erected two days later, when a group of the students together with All About A and Birgitte Bekker participated in a public workshop in Lindevangs Park, and guided more than 250 children as well as adults in how to build and move in the obstacle course and installation.

The project was a part of the Frederiksberg Days from 8-10 June 2018. The project involved the subjects Math, Danish, Handcraft and Design as well as Sports. As a part of the project the student worked in scale 1:50 as well as 1:1 when examining space, location, materials,and possible movements.

The location in the Park was agreed with the Municipality of Frederiksberg who also funded the project. The experiences obtained will be re-used at the Culture house KU.BE during the summer vacation as a project for children and youngsters together with the architects from All About A and some of the students as ambassadors for the project.

Photo Charlotte Carstensen