Primo April 2017 All About A curated the exhibition ‘What is an exhibition?’ at Design Museum Denmark.

The exhibition has been created on the basis of student projects from the Design School of the Design Museum Denmark. 3 classes of 3 different age groups (children, teens, and adults) have been exploring the difficult task of designing an exhibition together with All About A.

The project includes measuring and building a model in scale 1:20 of one of the rooms in the museum. The students have also been selecting 1-5 chairs in the museum, which they would like to exhibit and they have been designing an exhibition for the selected chairs.

The key points in the exercise have been questions like; Which work methods and senses are being used when selecting 1-5 chairs for a smaller exhibition? And which story will you tell with your exhibition?

The exhibition shows 32 very different sketch models and the work process behind.

Date April 2017
Place Copenhagen, Design Museum Denmark
Team Julie and Charlotte from All About A
Photo Julie Dufour

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