The Danish Construction Association

A learning program introducing children to the building industry

What A learning program named Byggeboxen
Where CopenhagenBispebjerg Hospital and Nærheden
When 2017 / September
Team Julie, Malene, Charlotte and Gitte

For The Danish Construction Association and together with Bibiana Denmark and Khora we have developed a brand new educational program for Byggeboxen – a mobile learning program on site focusing on the building and construction industry.

The target group is school children grade 4 – 7 and the aim is to give the children the possibility to follow and understand building processes in a learning environment. In the program connected to the construction of Bispebjerg Hospital and the new town Nærheden, the learners are introduced to the universe of the building and construction industry and are gaining an insight into 5 relevant professions as well as processes, function and impact.

The learning program consists of three parts: 1) Before the site visit, 2) During the site visit and 3) After the site visit.

During the visit the learning program takes place on the construction site as well as in Byggeboxen, a physical site office at Bispebjerg Hospital as well as Nærheden.

All About A has developed the learning program including materials and assisted with the overall concept for the interior of the two Byggeboxen site offices.

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Photo Julie Dufour